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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Open Meeting Law complaint filed against Cambridge Unity Slate

Open Meeting Law complaint filed against Cambridge Unity Slate

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cleaning Ektorp Blekinge White Slip Covers

I have always struggled with cleaning my Ektorp Blekinge Slip Covers, so I decided to experiment.  I have always washed all of my slip covers, which consist of two couches and two Ektorp chairs, which consists of the Jennylund and the arm chair. 

I take all of the covers off and go to a nearby Laundromat where they have 75lbs washing machines and I put all of the slip covers in at once.  I put the cycle on heavy and I use hot water and for my detergents I use oxyclean, arm and hammer and borax for an extra boost to my detergent.

What I have found is that you can air dry your slip covers instead of having them air dry and it really doesn't result in any shrinkage. 

Pon Thai Bistro

 Pon Thai Bistro is located in Washington Square in Brookline.  It is set along a row of stores not far from the Route 9 entrance.  I was there recently and really enjoyed the Drunken Noodles.

The taste was with a mixture of essence and the right intensity.  The wait staff was very attentive and the atmosphere was quaint and desirable.

The second time I went there I got an order of Drunken Noodles to go and they tasted the same as if I sat in.  Don't take away that I only tried the Drunken Noodles I will be back again to taste some of their other famous delights.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Shake Shake Shake Shake Shake "SHAKE SHACK"

The first thing I sampled was their shakes, which is made out of custard and boy do I love custard, so I ordered a vanilla shake and they only come in one size much to my disappointment. The shake wasn't a disappointment it was creamy and thick and the vanilla taste was right on point.

On my next visit a few days later I had the cheeseburger and French fries. The French fries were hand cut and very light and not greasy. The only simile that I found between Shake Shack and Tasty Burger were their fries, you have to speak up if you don't want them to be too salty.

The cheeseburger was delicious. I had a double cheeseburger just to be greedy, so that I'd get the full effect. I think they use a sharp yellow cheddar cheese

Overall I rate Shake Shack an 8.5

Thursday, January 23, 2014

New York New York - It's always a good time for a day trip to New York

New York is a place where you can always have a good time. I went to New York last Saturday and had a blast. I caught the Go Bus in Alewife Station at 6:00am and then it make its scheduled stop in Newton to pick up more passengers.

We arrived in New York at about 10:00am, which basically was a 4 hour trip. My first stop was to Amy Ruth's where I had their famous chicken and waffles and boy o boy was it worth the trip. I had the waffles and also a side order of cheese grits..."Make  you wanna slap yo  mommma". They were finger licking good. I took the subway around town and caught glimpses of the different sites and personalities.

I took the train to 125th street famous for the Apollo Theatre and down the street to Lenox Ave another famous landmark Sylvia's Restaurant. Then I travelled to Union Sq.where they had vendor's selling their wares. 

Now mind you this is all on foot and up and down subway stairs and the occassional elevator carrying bags. I felt like I was on a chain gang.

Look you can take pictures on the train and they have no idea.

Our next spot was Time Square and you know it's always a hustle

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DishCrawl Boston/NorthShore

I was invited by Dishcrawl to sample 4 restaurants and to blog my experience.  The following opinions are my own.  I give my honest opinion and will not sacrifice my integrity for a plate of food. Disclaimer: I received a free media pass to this event . 

I went on a Dishcrawl with 40 people in Andover, Massachusetts  hosted by Paige who is a Dishcrawl Ambassador.  The first restaurant that we sampled was Palmers Restaurant and Tavern owned by John who is also the Chef  and his wife Patricia Ingalls.   We sampled a seafood dish with oysters on the half shell, shrimp tempura and Palmer’s signature crab cake.  I found the atmosphere at Palmers'  to be very intimate, but yet inviting. The crab cake was very moist and creamy, the shrimp tempura had a light crust and it was lightly fried.  The oyster on the half shell had a mild essence that made the oyster quite delicious.
Chef John Palmer

The 2nd restaurant that we visited was Brasserie 28 where we sampled a springtime vegetable rosotto with fiddle heads and ramps with a hint of mint by Chef Matt and Alison Morello. The rosotto had a creamy texture and the springtime vegetables were crunchy, which was a nice contrast to the rosotto.

They have great entertainment on Tuesdays by Dan Sky who sings a medley of songs from Sinatra, Ray Charles and Michael Buble. 

Photo credit
The 3rd restaurant was  Sam Petro's Dylan's Bar and Grill.  We had steak tips with a special dipping sauce, pork spring roll (with pulled pork) and sweet potato fries.  The sweet potato fries were very lite and not at all greasy, the pork spring roll was really delicious and the steak tips were tender and really tasty with the special dipping sauce.  The atmosphere at Dylan's was rustic and typical of a small town grill.

Wu's Pink Tree Sweets where we had a choice of their award winning chocolate chiffon cake or a cherries jubilee crepe. I opted for the crepe, because I couldn't get near the chiffon cake to take a picture of it or even get a taste. The crepe was filled with vanilla ice cream drizzled with a nice cherry sauce with whole cherries. Pink Tree Sweets is a place where you would go after having dinner at Palmer's, Brasserie 28 or Dylan's. Pink Tree Sweet's sell an assortment of desserts. They make wedding cakes, cupcakes and their award winning chocolate strawberry chiffon cake.

The DishCrawl was an overall engaging experience where you can meet people and get exclusive access to the chef's.  I really enjoyed every restaurant that I experienced and was quite impressed.  If you want an engaging experience dining with friends or family or just by yourself this would be the ultimate opporunity.   DishCrawl Boston


Palmers Restaurant and Tavern
18 Elm Street
Andover, Ma 01810
(978) 470-1606

Brasserie 28
2 Elm Sq.
Andover, Ma 01810
(978) 470-2228

Dylan's Bar and Grill
18 Park St
Andover, MA 01810
(978) 470-1717
Pink Tree Sweets
89 Main St
Andover, MA 01810
(978) 475-2673