Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Neigh9 Update

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus - 2010

 The circus was at the TD Garden in Boston.  It was one of the best Ringling Bros circus' that I have ever been too.  They added an international flair, very colorful and diverse.  The clowns were their usual happy selves.  The tiger tamer really put on a good show, he really connected with the tigers, which was amazing and they seemed to connect with him and were very obedient.  Adults and children alike enjoyed the show.  They had a show with dogs, which was really great, with the different tricks that they performed, i.e., jump rope, walking through mazes and climbing stairs...Oh and they were also walking upright on their hind legs.

Enjoy the slide show!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

NPR Fire's Juan Williams

There are something’s that just make you go hmmmm. I have been watching Juan Williams’s commentaries and I really couldn't get a handle of where he was coming from...."that's a lie". I guess Juan just got a reality check, meaning just because you are a Fox reporter, that doesn't give you the right to make statements about ethnic religious groups. Muslims are here and they are here to stay, and people really need to get over it.

Juan you are not Bill O'Reilly, you are Juan Williams, you should of called Armstrong Williams, before you decided to take a page from Bill's O'Reilly playbook, he would of warned you, you see where it got him...... Fired!!

Singing "When will they every learn, when will they ever learn".

Monday, October 18, 2010

New Bus Service Cambridge to New York

Listen to this....Did you hear?  We are getting a new bus service in Cambridge, called World wide bus service that is going to run from Cambridge, Newton and straight to Manhattan.  I am so excited about this, because we don't have to go downtown to catch the bus to New York,  it will be in our own backyard.

 New York that's where concrete dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do....New York.  Oh let me not get carried away.  The fare is going to be $15.00 on the weekdays one way and $20.00 on the weekends.  The first stop will be at 31st and 8th near Penn Station.  Oh I forgot they will be picking up the Cambridge peeps at Alewife and the Newton peeps at Riverside.

The service will begin on Oct. 27 at an introductory price of $10 one-way for weekend  travel through Nov. 18.

I can't wait!!!!  Check out the link

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This Mysterious Street with no Accountability

I had the scare of my life about a year and a half ago.    I always felt real comfortable walking the streets of Cambridge and not having a care in the world.  It's not that I had a pattern of walking the same route every night, but it was a late night at work and I wanted to catch up on an impending deadline.  So I did my usually walk this time deciding to walk down Brattle and up "Sparks".  I am always aware of my surroundings, so I was cognizant of every move, every snow flake and car passing by.  When I was about to proceed up Sparks I saw a man run out of his car and hide behind a fence in somebody's yard, so I  continued to walk up the street, which I felt  was my only option, because if I continued down Brattle, turned on Craigie, up Buckingham,  he could of followed me, because they were all one ways to my destination.

As I proceeded up Sparks the man jumped out of the gate and I said if you come near me, you are going to get your  $$#%$*@  head knocked-off.  So he stared at me and then looked back into the yard that he jumped out of , and I started walking backwards up Sparks with my cellphone, while calling the police.  What a waste of time calling the police I could of been assaulted or killed, because the response time was unacceptable. The police can be slow in their response,  especially if they are somewhere sleeping or harassing somebody for no apparent reason and another thing most of the Cambridge police are not from Cambridge and they have no idea of  where they are or how to get there. What Cantabrigian doesn't know "Henry Louis Gates".  This incident might of given me an opportunity of a Beer Summit with the President, had it been reported, we'll never know.

The police finally came after about 15 minutes after I fended off this nut and walking down Huron Ave. What is also so disturbing about the Cambridge Police is that they never took a report and to think a murder happend on the corner of Sparks and Brewster, some 20 years ago, it didn't seem to be significant or that important to take a police report from me.  All they asked me was what did he look like.  I said a white male, tall, glasses and about 45 years old, that didn't matter that he sort of fit the description of a man about 20 something lurking in the neighborhood the week Mary Jo Frug got murdered 20 something years ago.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fashion - Anthropologie Harvard Square

I have been walking by Anthropologie in Harvard Sq., since it's been open for about 4 months.  Just looking in the window I didn't think the products or clothing would appeal to me, but you know something the clothes are really nice and simple and the prices were very reasonable to my surprise.  I browsed the 3 floors of the store and they had a hodgepodge of items, i.e., dishes, clothing, books and furniture. 

I wanted to give you a view of what was inside,  but to tell you the truth I 'm going  back to browse a little more when I have some time and hopefully I will see something affordable.   I took a few pictures of the inside and a couple of the outside, so you can get an idea of their of what they sell..  If you get confused of where it is, it's the building that Crate and Barrel used to occupy and I can say it is a welcome replacement.  Enjoy!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting To Happy!

Terry McMillan did a reading from her book "Getting To Happy" at Booksmith in Brookline on Saturday, September 11th. The book is a sequel to "Waiting to Exhale". It was standing room only and she took questions after reading the chapter. She told the audience, that she had forgiven her ex-husband Johnathan, who is gay for lying to her and putting her life in jeopardy. She indicated that she needed to move on and it was about her getting to "happy". As everybody knows, this is Oprah's last season on television and she is bringing back her best segments, which Terry and Johnathan spoke about his deceit of not telling her he was gay. Terry said that Oprah's people had called her, but they haven't finalized her appearance and she made it a point to say that she doesn't have to go on Oprah to sell books. One gentleman asked Terry what does she think of Walter Mosley another African-American writer, who was half Jewish. Terry said she doesn't get into labels and to me she seemed quite annoyed.

I did buy the book and had it autographed, but I haven't read it yet, when I do....I will let you know my thoughts.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Contrary to Popular Belief -- Things We Do Need in Neighborhood Nine

  • Laudromats - Where people could talk and get to meet their neighbor's and of course do their laundry
  • Taxi's
  • Beauty Salon's - We do have one,  Monica's on Concord and Walden
  • Better publicizing of Yard Sales, instead you have to stop on every pole in the neighborhood to see where the next one is being held -- I will volunteer to post them on my blog.
  • More ZipCar locations
  • A place where we can share information about contractor's and different services, instead of paying for Angie's lists.
  • People being more friendlier and not so stuck up
What are your wishes for Neighborhood Nine?