Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ms.Frances Pierce - Neighborhood Nine's Only Queen!

Queen Mother Frances Jo Smith Pierce at 82 years of age, quietly passed away this morning at 5:30AM in her home 106 West Woodridge Drive, Durham, North Carolina 27707. She was surrounded by her 3 children Melvin, NneNna and Debbie. Her heavenly journey has now begun and the transition was peaceful and loving.

Mom’s spirit has ascended to the heavens and she resides with the angels. In lieu of a funeral, the Queen requests a memorial tribute and celebration of her life that will be held in Durham, N. C. More specific information about this tribute will be forthcoming.

At Mom's request, please no flowers. If you would like to make a donation in the name of Queen Mother Frances Pierce, please send to Monument of Faith Church P.O. Box 827, 900 Simmons Street, Durham N.C. 27702. Cards and expressions can be sent to the Frances Pierce Family 106 W. Woodridge Dr. Durham NC 27707

During this time of grief, there is also great joy. Let us remember the Queen Mother’s favorite quote: We love you to life!

The Pierce Family, Melvin, NneNna (Freelon) and Debbie

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gas Prices - Here we go again!

It's amazing depending on where you live seems to determine what you pay for gas. Now I live in Cambridge and the gas prices are wavering around $3.45 - $3.55 per gallon. Now if you live in Belmont the prices are wavering around $3.39-$3.45. So now I was in Roxbury/Dorchester the other night and I was almost on E, so I deperately needed some gas. I really didn't have many options, but I did ride around for a few minutes and finally gave up. The gas prices in that area are running $3.69-$3.75, I was appalled to say the least. It costs me $70.00 to fill up my tank in Roxbury/Dorchester and it costs me $60.00 to fill up in Cambridge, so you know where I am filling my tank from now on. It's either Belmont or Cambridge, where are you going to buy your gas?