Thursday, January 23, 2014

New York New York - It's always a good time for a day trip to New York

New York is a place where you can always have a good time. I went to New York last Saturday and had a blast. I caught the Go Bus in Alewife Station at 6:00am and then it make its scheduled stop in Newton to pick up more passengers.

We arrived in New York at about 10:00am, which basically was a 4 hour trip. My first stop was to Amy Ruth's where I had their famous chicken and waffles and boy o boy was it worth the trip. I had the waffles and also a side order of cheese grits..."Make  you wanna slap yo  mommma". They were finger licking good. I took the subway around town and caught glimpses of the different sites and personalities.

I took the train to 125th street famous for the Apollo Theatre and down the street to Lenox Ave another famous landmark Sylvia's Restaurant. Then I travelled to Union Sq.where they had vendor's selling their wares. 

Now mind you this is all on foot and up and down subway stairs and the occassional elevator carrying bags. I felt like I was on a chain gang.

Look you can take pictures on the train and they have no idea.

Our next spot was Time Square and you know it's always a hustle