Sunday, June 24, 2012

Toscanini's Just Fluff

Toscanini's  is one of my very favorite ice cream haunts. I remember when they first opened on Main St in Cambridge, then they had the M.I.T. store, then a store in Harvard Sq and now they gave gone full circle and back to their roots on Main Street as the only store left.

As we all know Gus did have some tax problems and the great Toscannite's rallied around him and helped out. I don't think I have ever seem Gus with long pants on. Everytime I would go in the store I would say "Lord Jesus, please Gus put on some long pants", because ice cream and Gus' legs did not make for a new flavor of ice cream.

I was dreading the day when I would walk in the store and look up at the board and see some new flavor with Gus' name like Gus with a cherry on top, can you image ewwww, but you could always count on grapenut raisin , vanilla and dark chocolate No.3. You have to try their lastest and greatest "Just Fluff" made with marshmellow fluff hmm...can you just image the flavor and the texture ... to die for!

If you don't see it on the board ask for Adam he usually has a stash in the back...that's just between you and me.

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