Monday, August 10, 2009

What's with all the empty commercial space?

I was walking down Mass. Ave. coming from Central Sq. I looked to my left I looked to my right and all I see is empty commercial space. The Heartwood Furniture Store, gone, Bowl and Board who used to be on Mass. Ave., for well over 20 years gone. I can't believe that the recession has had an impact on the People's Republic..LOL. How dare this happen to a city where the Mayor is elected by the City Council and not the people. I wonder why the City Manager who is not elected by the people has the most power, something is just not adding up, and the city where they recycle Mayor's. Well yanno something, it's not all that bad, we could of ended up with somebody like Mumbles Menino, you got to love this city. I wouldn't live in no other.

Comments appreciated....

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