Monday, September 7, 2009

Gas Station - U.S. Petroleum or Preminum

On Saturday..I had an encounter that I was truly greatful for. I was walking by the U.S. Premium Gas Station and a customer was livid. She had just filled up her tank and was soooo mad, she said to the older gentleman. "I have never paid so much for a tank of gas", she was pissed she paid $11.00 more than at any other gas station. She noticed what I have been noticing all along. You have to read the sign...."Economy" $2.55. Regular $3.19. Is this price gouging or what. I asked her what was the problem and she said..I asked for regular and didn't realize that the regular was the higher price. This is pure deception. Something has to be done. She said she was going to call a radio station and complain.

I walked by today and the sign and prices are still the same.....Your comments please.