Saturday, June 26, 2010

Grafton Street

Tonight we went to Grafton Street, located at 1230 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, just right in Harvard Square.  We  perused the menu and decided first on the appetizer of clam chowder with smoked bacon, which was nice and creamy with a very good thick consistency with plenty of clams and potatoes with the essence and taste of smoked bacon.  I really enjoyed the chowder, which was very filling.  We asked the waitress if they had ice tea, which they did, but they didn't have any variations, i.e., peach, raspberry, etc.  I was really surprised that they didn't have lemonade and I am still shocked as I sit here blogging.  I am thinking maybe the waitress didn't hear me or she just didn't know,  oh well.

For the entree I selected the lobster macaroni and cheese(orecchiette pasta, four cheese sauce with herbed bread crumbs, light truffle oil and lobster)  and my dinner friend had the special, which was the lobster ravioli.  The lobster ravioli was really nice and soft, with plenty of lobster.  I wasn't to pleased with my baked macaroni, because it had to much cream and wasn't cohesive enough to have that firm consistency, which I am used too.  I've had their macaroni and cheese in the past without the lobster and it was very good.  They serve nice rolls and butter, which are very filling.  The atmosphere is very eclectic and busy, with a nice pleasant aura.  I would recommend Grafton Street, if you want a nice quick dinner. The one thing I will say about them is that they don't have you waiting hours for your meal, so if you are really hungry and want something good fast.  Grafton Street is your place.


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  1. wow good to see some one who had a decent experience at Grafton street, I am never going back there if. The food is ok the wait is not long because they lack that extra pride in preparing the food.