Friday, August 19, 2011

The Brooklyn Bakery

The Brooklyn Bakery isn't what you think it is as you continue to read this post. It will evolve into a deep earthy collage of whimsical and textured patterns of natural resources that have been captured through the eyes of Matthew Burnett, designer and founder of The Brooklyn Bakery.

Matthew gets his inspiration from the million dollar brownstones to the abandon warehouses that encapsulate the character, ethnicities, music and diversity that makes Brooklyn a world apart from New York City, its next door neighbor. 

The Brooklyn Bakery is a new fashion label that caters to women who like the sense of originality and style of bracelets, cuffs, natural earthy tones, patterns and colors that will set you apart from the rest.  The strap floral bracelet that looks like madras on leather would look great with some leather boots and a short gauze skirt or the silver boa bracelet that would look great with some jeans a white long sleeved blouse and  blazer.

 Below are some samples of Matthew’s bracelets and cuffs and  where you can buy them at a limited time today, just click the following link for a special invitation  or if you miss the sale you can get them at



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