Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Get Together

On Friday night I went to a get together of the of old Polaroid alum's.  This get together has been going on for awhile, but I have never been invited.  So a friend told me about it, and I asked another friend was she going and she said yes and I said I will go with you.  Mind you I was inviting myself and decided to suffer the consequences if I got a weird look or if I heard somebody whispering in the corner say,  "She wasn't  invited, what is she doing here".  Well lo and behold it didn't happen, not that I expected it to, but I was prepared.

The host was just so glad to see me, I think, he welcomed me with open arms and I really felt like I was somebody, that they never expected to see.  Well with that said I had a wonderful time.  Getting to see all the old faces, some  looking like they haven't aged a bit and others looking a tad older, but nevertheless they were happy and everybody was glad to see each other.  We sat and told old stories and had a lot of good laughs.  I heard somebody say to a friend of mine, you are going to have to give me her email address and I was saying to myself, " I am right here just ask me", but it was okay, because if you ever worked at Polaroid,  people talk about you like you don't exist and you can be standing right next to them.

I couldn't believe that people were so impressed about my blogging.  These are the same people who you would never expect to be impressed by you, because they held such high positions in Polaroid, but now you know something , we are all on the same playing field, aging, new careers, working  and waiting on our next paycheck.

I truly enjoyed everybody's company and the  host was always his pleasant self and always so welcoming.  I can't wait for the next one and hopefully I will be on the email list.


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