Thursday, September 23, 2010

Okay The Jury Is O-U-T!!!

As you know I am a fan of public transportation and previously I blogged about how I enjoyed the new app called Nextbus.  Well well well,  I was completely Wrong.  I don't know if it's a Harvard Sq. bug or what.  One thing I do know is that Nextbus and the Harvard Sq. upper level bus stops, where you catch the ,72,74,75, 77, and 78, etc. are definitely not in sync.  I don't know if I can really blame it on Nextbus, because these buses have always been late.  The following buses never come on time: 78, 74 or 75.  I don't know what seems to be the problem. 

One day I asked the bus driver why the buses were never on time  and he says it's traffic. Traffic 365 days of  the year -- I don't think so.  I knew somebody that worked at the MBTA in the scheduling department and he said that the manager of scheduling lived on the 71 and 73 bus routes. You better believe those buses came like clock work and two and three at a time and sometimes only with  two passengers on board, what an unfair distribution when the people who live on  my route have to wait hours for a bus.  The 78 bus is just like the 47 in Central Sq...Late.  What have been your experiences on the good ole MBTA.

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