Sunday, October 3, 2010

Contrary to Popular Belief -- Things We Do Need in Neighborhood Nine

  • Laudromats - Where people could talk and get to meet their neighbor's and of course do their laundry
  • Taxi's
  • Beauty Salon's - We do have one,  Monica's on Concord and Walden
  • Better publicizing of Yard Sales, instead you have to stop on every pole in the neighborhood to see where the next one is being held -- I will volunteer to post them on my blog.
  • More ZipCar locations
  • A place where we can share information about contractor's and different services, instead of paying for Angie's lists.
  • People being more friendlier and not so stuck up
What are your wishes for Neighborhood Nine?


  1. Dog Parks and Dog Friendly Places!
    Daniel & "Cody"

  2. Daniel I will agree with you, but in neighborhood nine they do have a dog run in Danehy Park, where dogs can run and get their exercise and where people meet-up. Fresh Pond used to have a dog park, but I belive it's now gone. I love dogs and I believe they deserve some of the same rights!