Monday, October 18, 2010

New Bus Service Cambridge to New York

Listen to this....Did you hear?  We are getting a new bus service in Cambridge, called World wide bus service that is going to run from Cambridge, Newton and straight to Manhattan.  I am so excited about this, because we don't have to go downtown to catch the bus to New York,  it will be in our own backyard.

 New York that's where concrete dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do....New York.  Oh let me not get carried away.  The fare is going to be $15.00 on the weekdays one way and $20.00 on the weekends.  The first stop will be at 31st and 8th near Penn Station.  Oh I forgot they will be picking up the Cambridge peeps at Alewife and the Newton peeps at Riverside.

The service will begin on Oct. 27 at an introductory price of $10 one-way for weekend  travel through Nov. 18.

I can't wait!!!!  Check out the link

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