Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fashion - Anthropologie Harvard Square

I have been walking by Anthropologie in Harvard Sq., since it's been open for about 4 months.  Just looking in the window I didn't think the products or clothing would appeal to me, but you know something the clothes are really nice and simple and the prices were very reasonable to my surprise.  I browsed the 3 floors of the store and they had a hodgepodge of items, i.e., dishes, clothing, books and furniture. 

I wanted to give you a view of what was inside,  but to tell you the truth I 'm going  back to browse a little more when I have some time and hopefully I will see something affordable.   I took a few pictures of the inside and a couple of the outside, so you can get an idea of their of what they sell..  If you get confused of where it is, it's the building that Crate and Barrel used to occupy and I can say it is a welcome replacement.  Enjoy!

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