Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting To Happy!

Terry McMillan did a reading from her book "Getting To Happy" at Booksmith in Brookline on Saturday, September 11th. The book is a sequel to "Waiting to Exhale". It was standing room only and she took questions after reading the chapter. She told the audience, that she had forgiven her ex-husband Johnathan, who is gay for lying to her and putting her life in jeopardy. She indicated that she needed to move on and it was about her getting to "happy". As everybody knows, this is Oprah's last season on television and she is bringing back her best segments, which Terry and Johnathan spoke about his deceit of not telling her he was gay. Terry said that Oprah's people had called her, but they haven't finalized her appearance and she made it a point to say that she doesn't have to go on Oprah to sell books. One gentleman asked Terry what does she think of Walter Mosley another African-American writer, who was half Jewish. Terry said she doesn't get into labels and to me she seemed quite annoyed.

I did buy the book and had it autographed, but I haven't read it yet, when I do....I will let you know my thoughts.

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