Friday, December 31, 2010

The Misses in Neighborhood Nine

I was down at the South Postal Annex in South Boston last night mailing a letter.  I didn't go there purposely to mail a letter, I was just in the area having been to the Children's Museum.  Oh how I miss the post office on Huron Ave.  In neighborhood nine we used to feel so special.  The post office was right in the pharmacy, where you could fill a prescription and mail a letter at the same time.  I also miss Henry Bear's Park, now we have Magic Beans, which I used to visit in Coolidge Corner.  I also miss the Jamaican Restaurant,  which was next to a  much needed pet shop. 

Speaking about pets, neighborhood nine has such a dedicated pet community. When I had my loaner dog Barron (actually I believe I was the babysitter).  I met so many wonderful people.  It's a small community where everybody meets at Danehy Park/St. Peter's field to walk their dogs and talk about the days events.  You can meet such interesting people with an array of interest and good information.

That is truly one of my personal misses.....Barron!

Happy New Year Everybody!

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